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LightningChart Ultimate Lightning

LightningChart Ultimate SDK v.7

Prepare for Ultimate charting experience

We present the newest and most definitive version of LightningChart.

  • Direct X11 rendering for best appearance
  • DirectX9 rendering for best performance
  • 3 WPF chart API's, to prefer performance or binding features
  • DirectX 10/11 WARP-based rendering fallback for Virtual Machines
  • Smith charts with zooming
  • Zoomable polar charts
  • ... And much more!
LC WPF demo app LC WPF demo app LC WPF demo app
LightningChart Ultimate Lightning

Free Gauges

Add radial gauges for your WPF or Silverlight application, for free. Visualize your data easily with this free gauge control!

Free gauges
LightningChart Ultimate Lightning

LightningChart Ultimate SDK with WPF chart

We are proud to present LightningChart Ultimate for WPF, with true Direct3D acceleration instead of WPF's own graphics routines. This moves WPF charting performance in totally different zone than our competitors can offer, as the benchmark results indicate.

  • Configure by code or XAML.
  • Use it from Visual Studio 2010-2015 or Expression Blend.
  • Experience the truly unmatched WPF performance with LightningChart's graphical routines
LC WPF demo app LC WPF spectrogram LC WPF spectrogram
LightningChart Ultimate Lightning

On-line tile map layers

The LightningChart Ultimate supports street maps and satellite imagery. The chart loads zoom-level specific tiles and shows them in their own mapping layers, which presents a very powerful way to combine vector maps, heat maps, annotations etc. into the same view.

LC WPF demo app LC WPF demo app LC WPF demo app
  • LightningChart v. 7.2 is compatible with Visual Studio 2017 RC
  • On November 16th, Microsoft announced availability of Visual Studio 2017 RC at Connect(); event.

    Arction is a Microsoft's Visual Studio Partner and Sim-Ship Partner, and we are proud to inform that LightningChart v. 7.2 is compatible with Visual Studio 2017 RC development environment.

  • LightningChart v.7.1 released
  • Great new version available - Billion points scrolling real-time plot, palette-colored polar point-line series, new value-based coloring and contouring for 3D surface series, 2D contour labels, HERE on-line maps support, Series data breaking with NaN or other special value, grid order setting etc. Learn more.

  • Billion data points scrolling line plot performance
  • We prepared a demo of LightningChart's unmatched scrolling line plot performance. Learn more.

  • Free Gauges
  • Free Gauges for WPF and Silverlight are now available. Yes, totally free! Learn more.

  • LightningChart Ultimate v. 7 released
  • Read More

    DirectX 11 rendering, WARP, HiDPI scaling, Smith chart, zoomable polar charts, 3D models .OBJ import, resizable legend boxes with scrollbars, box zooming in View3D, extended EMF/WMF/SVG outputs for polar and Smith views, new contouring algorithms, vertical scrollbars etc...

    WPF chart is now available in 3 editions: Non-bindable for best performance, Semi-bindable for XAML support and properties binding, and Fully bindable chart for MVVM data feeding. Each edition has an extensive set of examples.

    New examples added in Demo applications: Ternary chart, spider chart, 2D heatmaps cross-sections, CIE chromaticity chart, multi-segmented trading example etc...


New performance comparison results are available from the benchmarks page!
1 billion data points scrolling in real time.

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