In this benchmark test LightningChart performance was compared to other .NET WinForms chart controls. Benchmark application was developed and test was performed with the newest available chart versions in August 2010.

Results apply for LightningChart Ultimate v.2.x and Pro v.1.x editions.

Data downsampling was not used in any chart. Downsampling feature takes only a small sub-set of data for visualization, which produces wrong and inaccurate rendering result. The benchmark is made to compare real rendering efficiency.

The benchmark was divided into two parts:

  • Opening large data set and rendering it as a line graph
  • Real-time monitoring as a scrolling line graph

The benchmarks were run with mid-performance class desktop computer at the date of the test. System information:

  • Intel Core2 Quad Q8300 2.5GHz processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Ati Radeon HD 4650 512MB display adapter, 1920 x 1200 resolution through the test
  • Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit operating system.

Benchmark 1 – Rendering large data set

A big data file was generated, saved to disk, and opened as a value array. The array was passed to each chart, and rendering delay was measured. All charts were set to have an equal full-screen size and simplest possible appearance. The fastest rendering series types from each chart component were used to draw a line graph with a 1 pixel wide line, without points. The test was performed with various point amounts, to find a limit each chart can open without running out of memory or not having to wait over 10 minutes. Delays in 1 million points rendering were compared in the results.

LightningChart large data set rendering performance is approx. 37,200 % better than average of others.

Benchmark 2 – Real-time monitoring

As a result for each chart, a new point count adding capability / sec is searched, giving approx. 20 frames / second or better refresh rate. LightningChart is in its own performance class with 5 000 000 points/sec. Average point count capability of other charts is 220 points/sec.

LightningChart real-time rendering capacity is approx. 2,300,000 % better than average of others.

You can check the full test report from here.

The source code is available by request, please contact LightningChart Ltd.