LightningChart® v.8.0.2 released

LightningChart® v.8.0.2 with some improvements and bug fixes is now released! Available at the Download Center.
Changes, v. -> v.


  • License checking to communication moved to port 80 to avoid the need of configuring firewall
  • Polygon series fill now supports complex / intersecting paths. Set IntersectionsAllowed = True to enable it.


  • Constant line disappears on sweeping real-time mode
  • Scale breaks – jumping in panning
  • Extreme slow-down when using Axis.AutoDivSpacing = false, and using MajorDiv setting that produces thousands of ticks, labels and grid lines
  • Grid is missing logarithmic x-axis on EMF export
  • DeviceType = ‘None’ engine selection crashes WinForms chart
  • Annotations with scale breaks
  • Polygon series with 0 points crash
  • Polygon series fill fix when data setting from XAML
  • Direct X11 deinit through selecting None as device leaks memory
  • C++ projects NullReference exception in license checking
  • Fixes from version 7.2.6