LightningChart Version 7.2.6 released

LightningChart version 7.2.6 with some improvements and bug fixes is now released! Available at the Download Center.

What’s new?

Here, we will explore the changes and new features in LightningChart version 7.2.6.  To begin with, let’s start with the improvements in this version : 

  • Small performance improvements on Smith & Polar view EMF exports when zoomed in.
  • ChartError event is produced when LightningChart is forced to recompile some shader. This allows users to detect and solve situations where the chart takes a long time to initialize due to shader compilation.
Error Fixes
  • Thick 3D Contour lines look better.
  • 3D Contour lines are clipped on DX9 rendering.
  • WPF Chart does no longer throw exception when its visibility is set to Collapsed.
  • Axis nib dragging to screen border works with HighDPI mode as well.
  • HighLowSeries IsMouseOver method handles points correctly.
  • Zoomrect is properly clipped when required when RectangleZoomAboutOrigin is set to true and manual aspect ratio is used.
Backward Compatibility Breaks
  • Smith and Polar series (SeriesBaseRound) OwnerView property return ViewRoundBase, instead of ViewPolarBase.
  • Property is now usable with the Smith series, but the return type has changed and might require attention from ViewPolar users.