Resources for LightningChart® Products

Here in LightningChart we certainly want our customers to succeed at every level of their developing journey. That is why we have established a comprehensive set of guides, manuals, examples and other beneficial tools to our LightningChart users. Just a click away to find well-organized resources for both LightningChart .NET for WPF and WinForms and LightningChart JS for Web Developers.

Scroll through our resources pages to discover information
of the following themes:
  • getting started guide
  • support instructions
  • charts gallery and interactive examples
  • frequently asked questions
  • performance tester and performance comparison
  • end-user license agreements

and much more information to overcome any possible obstacles. However, if you end up in a situation where you simply cannot find guidance from our resources page, the LightningChart Team is always happy to help. Contact us for more guidance!

LightningChart Team