LightningChart® JS Interactive Examples Update
We are continuously making effort to improve our resources for our users of LightningChart® JS. After all, the product is still quite fresh and developing constantly, and we aim to create the most useful resources to always achieve top user experience with the charting library.

To provide a seamless experience with getting to know the LightningChart® JS, we’ve added category position indicators to the main view of the Interactive Examples. Constantly visible search field and improved Example API Links, floating either at the side of the screen or on the bottom of the page, allows you to effortlessly browse through the various examples. Also, JS Interactive Examples now include heading links, the possibility to view examples in full screen and many other minor visual changes.

To make it faster to go through the examples on the go, we’ve considerably improved the mobile usability of LightningChart® JS Interactive Examples. If you need assistance with the Interactive Examples, take a look at the recently added help page.

Go and enjoy our improved LightningChart® JS Interactive Examples here.
More information about the continuously developing charting tool here.